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September 12, 2014

 There are a lot of things going on in my life right now. One of the more significant is that I am part of Flame of Fire Ministry – Malawi.

This year I will be making my third journey to be with these beautiful people and share with them about my Lord Jesus Christ and also about how they can share Him with others.

Last year we saw 7,747 people who heard the good news respond to that message. Since then, there have been literally thousands more who have heard and responded. This work continues because there are men and women of God that are part of this work who carry on when we are at home doing our primary work.

February 2015 is quickly approaching, and we have assembled a team of about a dozen men and women to travel to Malawi and continue this work. The plan consists of five men’s and 5 women’s conferences for training and encouragement. We hope to have our second set of equipment for sharing the Jesus Film by then so we can get into some remote places and share the good news in places where they may have never even heard any hint of this news. We will go places where there are no cars or running water or electricity. But, when we leave, there will be followers of Jesus.

Another nice part this journey is that I will be taking my oldest Daughter along. Bethany has a heart for the mission field and has worked this summer to get her passport and begin her preparation for her first international journey for Jesus. She will be representing the PK’s in the conferences among other duties.

I am asking that you put this mission team on your prayer list. Please ask that God will prepare our minds and guard our health before we go. Pray for our team in Malawi as they begin to prepare the fields for our service. And, pray that those who will hear the Good news of Jesus Christ will respond in repentance and faith.

And, if God should lead you to help us go, please contact me for specifics.

See You SONday,

(c) 2014 SF Gallagher