Something About Jesus’s Love

April 25, 2015

The thing is, that while “Jesus regularly ate dinner with thieves and prostitutes” (seen on Facebook), He never celebrated their theft nor participated in their prostitution. Loving people does not mean approving nor embracing their sin. Nor is love shown by participation in their sin. In fact, this would be the opposite of loving those to whom Jesus gave love.

It seems to be difficult to love people whose sin is different than our own. It also seems difficult to accept love from those who define sinfulness differently. When Jesus bridged that gap, He was maligned and misrepresented by those in the time of His incarnation. Some today still misunderstand. Those who attempt to bridge that gap today are misunderstood as well.

I long for that time when the dark glass will no longer be in the way.

See You SONday,

Dr. SF Gallagher

(c) 2015 SF Gallagher