Flame of Fire Ministry – Malawi

2014-02-15_09-01-10_252   In just a few years, God has moved dynamically through this great work. Tens of thousands have both heard and responded to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They have heard that God created everything in the beginning and that He made it perfect.  He gave a lot of freedom, but He also gave them some law, and therein lies the problem. We’ve broken Gods law.     God said that the breaking of His law will result in death. That’s the bad news.  The good news is that God loved the world so much that He gave 2014-02-23_11-11-01_732 His only begotten Son to pay that debt of death for us, and said that if we believe in Him we will have eternal life, all free and paid for.   We tell them though that believing simply with their mind is not enough. We must believe with our hearts. And we ask them to believe in God with their hearts.   By the way, have you called on Jesus to take care of your sin debt? You really should you know!  

Well, each year we take a team to Malawi and preach and train men and women there to share about Jesus. Along the way, we even get to see some of the wonderful creatures that God created in the beginning.    The point is that the Good News of our Savior Jesus Christ can be told. We leave instruction and support there when we come back home. There are people right now on the ground in Malawi sharing Jesus and strengthening His work as a result of this ministry. Men and women both are sharing Jesus while we are there and while we are at home. This is a work that does not end when the Americans come home.

I Would love to tell you more and probably will as time goes on. If you want to help financially with this work, just message me through this site or 2BChurch on FaceBook and I’ll help you know how.

In 2016 FOFM will be in four different African countries as well as several U.S. States with evangelism training and preaching. This is exciting stuff.

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