Published Works and other ways to spend money

To date,  Steve has published three works. While it is true that they are self published and so they do not have the stamp of approval from one of those fancy regular publishers, there might just be something worth reading in them. Please at least click the link below and have a look.  And look back once in a while because there will be more. Thanks a bunch.

Click here to be taken to the publishers site.

2BChurch is a non-prof.
I am just a pastor with a web site who likes to take mission trips. Now just suppose that you want to give to help  with my missions. By clicking on the “Donate” button below and using PayPal, you can do just that. Or you can use CashApp ($SGMissions).


Unless you specify otherwise, all donations received will be placed under Steve Gallagher Evangelistic Association and will be used  mostly for Malawi Missions.  Donations may be used  for any cause SGEA supports. These causes include supporting this web site, mission activities in cooperation with other missions organizations and local church ministries, to name a few but not necessarily all. If you want a giving receipt, please be sure to contact SGEA so we can provide one for you.

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