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Because this domain and site have been paid for by SF Gallagher, this site and all its contents are the sole property and responsibility of SF Gallagher. Any posts made by any other person become the property of SF Gallagher. All rights reserved – whatever that means.

All posts made to this site are moderated and do not go live until they are deemed as appropriate and accepted by SF Gallagher. Failure to allow any individual post to go live is not meant to be a statement of the value of the person attempting to post on this site. It should be simply understood that SF Gallagher does not want that particular post on his site. There will never be any further explanation offered or given, so please do not ask. There is no need for more awkwardness to be added to your discomfort. If any individual is easily offended, it may simply be best for that individual to not attempt posting here.

Opinions which oppose that of SF Gallagher are welcome. These opinions will, however, never be allowed if presented in a manner which is not at least courteous. Rude and abusive comments will not be allowed, even if they represent truth.

This forum does not exist to be a church bashing site. The things posted here are meant to build up the church. Even hard facts that are negative in nature will be presented with care. After all, the church, no matter how ugly she may become, is the bride of Christ. We must be careful how we address His bride.

2BChurch is a part of the work of the Steve Gallagher Evangelistic Association, an Oklahoma not-for profit corporation and registered 501 c 3. If you would like to contribute to the work we do, please drop a line and I’ll be glad to help.

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